Terms and Conditions


1. Bookings are accepted from Couples and Family Groups only. Single Sex Parties of Three or more persons can be accepted by prior arrangement only with the permission of the Park Owners. Please call to make arrangements.

2.  Reservations - The application for reservation should be completed in detail and returned to H&H Caravans together with a deposit of £60 per week per caravan. The balance payable not less than six weeks before arrival and if not so received H&H Caravans may retain the deposit and re-let the caravan without further notification.

3. Cancellation - DEPOSITS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. You are expected to insure your holiday against cancellation. If you are not insured any refund would be considered only if one of the following criteria apply:
1) Death of a member of the party or very close relative.
2) Disablement by sickness or accidental bodily injury including that of a very close relative (Medical Certificate required)
PROVIDING WE ARE ABLE TO LET THE ACCOMMODATION. The decision of H&H Caravans is final. Any refund would be less the deposit and any incentive offered to re-sell the holiday.

4. Arrivals - New arrivals must report to the Park Reception or if closed to the Clubhouse Bar or if closed to the Site Warden where available. If arriving after 7 p.m. previous notification should be given in writing direct to the Park Reception Office, Hoburne Devon Bay, Grange Road, Goodrington, Devon, TQ4 7JP. No Caravan is allowed to be occupied until after booking in at Park Reception.

5. Speed Limit -  No vehicle of any description may travel within the park at speeds exceeding 10mph.

6. Parking - Car Parking areas are provided,  care not permitted on the grass or to park other than in the designated parking areas. All cars must display a valid Parking Permit. Specific spaces will only be reserved for registered disabled users when in residence and with the written approval of Park Management. Boats, Jet Skis and large trailers may only be allowed on Park with the prior permission of the management and must be parked in the designated parking area with the required documentation clearly displayed.

7. The Period Of Tenancy - Unless otherwise Specified is from 3 p.m. on the day of arrival to 10 a.m. on the day of departure.

8. Pets - No Pets of any description are permitted. Assistance Dogs are welcome.

9. Bye Laws - The Byelaws of The Borough Council must be observed as must also the accepted usual rules of good caravanning.

10. Indemnity - (a)  Neither H&H caravans nor Hoburne Ltd nor any individual company operating or maintaining the Holiday Park or Centre, nor any subsidiary or any associated company thereof shall be liable for any loss of, or damage to any property including motor vehicle and motor cycles, cycles or the like, however caused whether resulting from or caused by the negligence, wilful act or omission or otherwise of H&H Caravans, Hoburne Ltd, the individual companies operating or managing the Holiday Park or Centre, their servants, agents or concessionaires or of guests, residents, occupiers or invitees.
(b)  Neither H&H caravans nor Hoburne Ltd nor any individual company operating or maintaining the Holiday Park or Centre, nor any subsidiary or any associated company thereof shall be liable for any death or injury loss or damage direct or indirect sustained by or occasioned to any person (including persons under the age of 18 years) whose names appear on the application for reservation Form save insofar as such death or injury results from the negligence of the said H&H Caravans, Hoburne Ltd, or the individual company operating or managing the Park or Centre or any associated or subsidiary company thereof as defined in the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977.

11.  Clothes Lines - Only the hook on type as supplied in each caravan may be used (Laundry & Drying facilities available on site)

12. Swimming Pools - Early and Late Season opening is at the discretion of the Park management. Non Swimmers and children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult..

13. Children - Children under 8 Years must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times when inside the club house complex and play areas. This also applies where children attend the Sammy Seahorse Club. Children under 12 years are not allowed in the club after 6pm without adult supervision. Children are not permitted in the licensed Bar areas during opening hours. Non Swimmers and all children under the age of 8 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times when using the swimming pool.

14. Breakages & Damage - All breakages and damage caused to the caravan or it's equipment, whether accidental or otherwise, must be reported to H&H Caravans who reserve the right to require the occupier to make good or replace the broken or damaged article. All caravans must be kept in a clean condition by their tenants and the said H&H Caravans reserve the right to enter the caravan at anytime to inspect it's condition etc.

15. H & H Caravans -  reserve the right to act as booking agents for other individual caravan owners or operators without prior notice at any time.

16. Overcrowding - Should any party be found to contain a greater number than stated on the Application for Reservation Form, the right to occupy the allotted accommodation shall be forfeited immediately and that party shall leave the Holiday park or Centre upon request of H&H Caravans, their representative or any member of the Park Management.

17. Administration Fees - H&H Caravans reserves the right to charge an administration fee when required, in certain circumstances, to make alterations to dates or caravan types booked or for replacement receipts, key Release Notices etc.

18. Club Membership - Club membership Cards must be carried at all times on the Park and presented on entry into the clubhouse. Club membership cards are not proof of age cards. Proof of age if requested at the bar can be only accepted in the form of a recognised proof of age card or current passport.

19. Noise - Excessive noise levels are not permitted on the Park between 11.00pm and 9 am to avoid discomfort and inconvenience to other guests.